Sunday, March 16, 2014

You've Got to Take Care of your Ticker!

This month, the Allrecipes Allstars teamed up with Mazola®, and I have to tell you, it couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Just a couple of weeks ago, both Redeye and I each had our annual wellness checkups. I got an excellent report. Red, however, found out that both his blood pressure and cholesterol are up. He's already taking medication for the blood pressure, so it's obvious we need to make some lifestyle adjustments.

Enter Mazola® Corn Oil! Of course, I've always trusted Mazola® as a brand, but I haven't used corn oil in quite a few years. I'd been told either olive oil or canola oil was the much healthier alternative. As it turns out, that's not really the case. In addition to being a 100% naturally cholesterol-free source of unsaturated (good) fat, Mazola® Corn Oil contains significantly more cholesterol-blocking plant sterols than olive, canola or vegetable oil. In a recent study, Corn oil lowered LDL cholesterol by 10.9 percent compared to extra virgin olive oil’s 3.5 percent reduction, making corn oil more effective. Honestly, I was thrilled to learn all of this. Who knew making such a simple switch could make such a difference? Not me. That's for sure. You can read more about the healthy benefits 0f cooking with Mazola® here.

We've already tried a couple of the Mazola® recipes from You can see the complete collection here.

The first one I made was Sweet and Spicy Salmon with Grapefruit Salsa

This was such a nice change from our typical maple-glazed salmon that we often cook on the grill. I'm not typically a huge fan of grapefruit, but the combination with the sweetness of the seasonings on the fish really worked. If you don't like or can't eat grapefruit, I know quite a few people tried it with other fruits - one even used cucumber - so be sure to read through the reviews on 

The second Mazola® recipe we made was Pork Carnitas with Cilantro Tomatillo Sauce and we LOVED it!

Man, I'm telling you, these were just delicious! I highly recommend you try it. I've made carnitas before, but these were so easy and didn't take all day, and the sauce was a perfect complement. I actually found a 1lb. pork tenderloin, so I didn't even have to worry about removing fat or anything. The only thing I didn't love was the corn tortillas, so next time I'll use flour, but that's just personal preference. I served the carnitas with refried beans & homemade Mexican rice,  which was also delicious & easy. I can't believe I'd always made that packaged stuff. This will be my go-to recipe for every time we do Mexican from now on. Here's the recipe for that: Mexican Rice II

Another thing I know we need to do is to work more fish into our diet. I made Broiled Tilapia Parmesan the other night, and I have to tell you, it's really one of my favorite dishes. And it's just so ridiculously easy. I don't know why we don't do it every week.

I know, I know.... It's got all that butter & mayo in it. BUT you can definitely reduce the amounts and/or replace them with low-fat versions. I always add a handful of Panko, so I just need enough of the "wet" to hold the mixture together enough to spread it on the fish. Redeye loves anything crunchy & this really makes a great crust to the fish - and it's certainly a lot better than fried. By the way, I've done this with various different fish (mild, white) and it's been a winner every time. If this isn't already in your recipe box, it certainly should be.

So we're making strides. Perhaps just baby steps. But I'm doing what I can to improve our eating habits so hopefully we'll both stick around for a long, long time. If only I could control what hubby eats when he's on the road..........

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  1. Great blog! We really liked the carnitas also. I am making the salmon tomorrow. I make the tilapia parmesan often and you are right - it is delicious! I use light mayo and reduce the amount of butter in it and it is still yummy!

    1. Thanks, Beckie! I really don't know how I even forget about making it - especially since it takes all of about 15 minutes from start to finish!